Humaleon Step By Step

This image was made in Photoshop 6.0 at 600 Dpi. The actual pixel dimensions are 5200x3900 pixels.

#1 I usually draw directly on the pencil sketch but this time I decided to make a clear line art. I used a hard edged brush in a multiply layer.
#2 In a normal layer below the outline I added colours, using a hard edged 100% opacity paintbrush.

#3 I added some textures on top of the coloured layer and changed the blending mode to overlay. I used a noise texture to make the image less sterile and CG like. I set this layer's opacity to 50%

#4 I created a new soft light layer to add some shadows with a black, hard edged paintbrush and a soft edged 15-40% opacity airbrush.

#5 More shadows added on some 50-75% opacity soft light layers.

#6 On a new overlay layer on top I drew the light areas using a white, soft edged 10-30% opacity airbrush.

#7 The final image with some colour balance and background elements.


matt latchford said...

Thanks for sharing! Great work!!

Krisztian Balla said...

Thanks, Matt!

Furman said...

Fantastic image, great color choices.

Krisztian Balla said...

Hi! Thank you, Furman!
Your black & white stuff rocks!

Dominicali said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing, man! This post helped me a lot!


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