Humaleon Step By Step

This image was made in Photoshop 6.0 at 600 Dpi. The actual pixel dimensions are 5200x3900 pixels.

#1 I usually draw directly on the pencil sketch but this time I decided to make a clear line art. I used a hard edged brush in a multiply layer.
#2 In a normal layer below the outline I added colours, using a hard edged 100% opacity paintbrush.

#3 I added some textures on top of the coloured layer and changed the blending mode to overlay. I used a noise texture to make the image less sterile and CG like. I set this layer's opacity to 50%

#4 I created a new soft light layer to add some shadows with a black, hard edged paintbrush and a soft edged 15-40% opacity airbrush.

#5 More shadows added on some 50-75% opacity soft light layers.

#6 On a new overlay layer on top I drew the light areas using a white, soft edged 10-30% opacity airbrush.

#7 The final image with some colour balance and background elements.