Assur Horqua

This was a quick & rough sketch done in pencil. I liked the character, so I decided to scan at least. First I thought I'd leave it that way, but as some details and colours were added it started to take some real shape.
The background was done entirely in the computer.

Thanks Mayang Adnin for the floor texture! I’ve used it so many times!



This little fellow is a RatGoblin - or something alike...


War Paint

I really enjoy drawing orcs.
Big brutal chin, huge teeth, rough skin, raging eyes and in this unusual case... a little make-up.


Magic Potato

Instead of working on a must-get-done archeological map I just scribbled all over the paper and what came out of it in the end was a big tattooed potato with some magical skills.


A Really Old Piece

I drew this in pencil - nearly ten years ago, and coloured in PS lately.